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sue_bailey_1.jpgSue Bailey, Storyteller

I was born and educated in Southampton. I studied Microbiology at University, worked in Youth Hostels in the Peak District and Norfolk, taught in Kirkby in Merseyside for 7 years, had 3 sons, lived in Wisconsin USA for three years and moved to the Isle of Wight in 2000.

I have told stories and run workshops at a number of places and venues over the years including Australia’s Castlemaine State Festival, and the International School in London.  Most of my work has been on the Isle of Wight for many of the numerous festivals and community events that take place over here.  Highlights have included bedtime stories on the Kidszone stage at the Isle of Wight Rock Festival,  Christmas stories by candlelight in the woods at Fort Victoria and a gecko themed birthday party for an 8 year old.  I am always open to new challenges!

The present

I love stories, and the ideas and images they can convey and believe in there is an important place for oral storytelling, alongside reading, in our culture.   Story telling can be more creative as each story evolves slightly each time it is told.  Stories can be adapted, not tied to the words on the page. It enables the listeners to create their own imaginative pictures and images as the story unfolds.

sue_bailey_2.jpgMy Favourite stories are those with a twist in the tail, some humour e.g., The four stages of man; Coyote and The money tree; and Anansi Tales.  

I tell stories that may be traditional, modern or new and original. I love listening to stories and delight in finding a gem of tale that is calling out to be retold.

In 2006 I began the Island Storytellers, a group that meets monthly to swap stories.  I work closely with the Island Storytellers to promote and develop storytelling on the Isle of Wight. We have had three successful storytelling  festivals  the first in 2006, ‘Ferry Tales’, in 2008,  and ‘Mosaic of Words’ in 2010.  

Since 2011, I have been telling tales in various residential homes under the auspices of Independent Arts. It's been fun developing  multi sensory  aspects of my storytelling to help people with special needs gain more from the stories.

2013 has seen me crossing the Solent many times on board the Red Funnel Ferries regaling one and all on the top deck with tales about why the sea is salty.

The future

Recently I have taken over  Richard Wood, aka Timberwood, 's Pirate and  Smuggling Stories. I am looking forward to meeting lots of visiting school groups and showing  them not only how to to spin a yarn but also how  to twist one too!

In the meantime I will be out and about at festivals, in restaurants, in cafes and, of course, at the storyclub, telling and swapping stories.

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