I can provide workshops suitable for all ages.  Whether you are a business looking to improve internal communications, a school wanting to use storytelling as an interesting way to deliver English or Drama, or a community group looking for something a little different I can help.

Workshops can be short one-offs (usually a one or two hour session) a whole-day session or a series of weekly workshops.

I have listed below an outline plan for a 2 hour workshop.  I can also supply examples of one hour, two hour, one day and six week plans, just contact me to request more details.  Of course workshops can be tailored to your precise needs, just get in touch.

Example 2 hour Storytelling Workshop


- Introduce storytelling as an oral skill,
- Develop speaking and listening ability
- Develop oral memory
- Build confidence by giving the children a chance to be a storyteller in a small group
- Develop imagination and creativity

Introduction and story

Why tell stories? 

Ways to remember stories

Introduce two different techniques such as using paired storytelling and abstract story maps.

Creating stories

Use  a stimulus such as

- tall tale telling 
- motif cards
- finish the story

to encourage  and develop story creating skills.

The role of the teller/listener

Discuss and explore ways to keep your audience engaged through eye contact body language and voice.

Discuss active listening and critical but positive feedback.


Run through everything covered and give/receive feedback.

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